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First NI mover appointed to BAR Young Movers Council

Michael - My McGimpsey Story

As of May 2019 the Young mover’s council of the BAR was voted to be a fully functional group. I am happy to say that I have been elected to do a two year stint as a council member. I must admit this is very exciting for me considering where I started in the company some 14 years ago.

I started with McGimpsey Brothers when I was fresh out of school at 17 years old, young, naive but willing to learn. I started out as a local porter, learning all aspects of the removals world and enjoying it as I went. This then soon progressed to being let loose over in mainland UK as a fully trained UK porter. For me this is where you really learn about the industry, going to other companies’ warehouses, seeing how they do things slightly differently and picking up tips along the way. This was really what I loved about my job at the time, somewhere different everyday meeting new people and gaining valuable experience by the minute. The time came to take another step up and to become a local van driver. I enjoyed this as there was more responsibility, it was up to the driver (Crew Leader) to control the jobs and take charge and I found myself really enjoying this. This is probably when I decided to myself that I would like to progress as high as I could with the company. From Van driver I then made the move into the warehouse where I became assistant operations manager, again the responsibility drove me on. Having to make decisions and solve problems gave me a real buzz. Another opportunity presented itself when I was asked did I want to try the role of UK & Ireland moving consultant in our main office. This was a massive change, from being out on the road everyday lifting heavy furniture to now sitting behind a desk and the heaviest thing I lift is my stapler. Being honest I haven’t looked back. I love the role I do now and being out on the road for all those years has been and invaluable help to me for what I do now. So there you have it from 17 year old porter to 31 year old UK & Ireland consultant and currently training to take over as head of the department and I wouldn’t change a single thing about the route I took to get here.

During my time on the road I travelled all over England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and Jersey and even as far as Australia for a 3 month exchange scheme all expenses paid. Whilst I have been in the office I have been at conferences in Brussels, Cardiff and will be going to Brighton later this year. 

For anyone thinking of Removals as a career path, I couldn’t honestly recommend it enough. Most will just see the hard work and heavy lifting but if you have the right attitude and drive, you just never know where it may take you. I can vouch for that. Although I do not wake up in the morning high fiving my partner and saying yes I am going to work, I certainly do not drag my heels on the way in. I really must say I do enjoy my job.

Lastly, as proud as I am of my achievements this far. It would not have been possible without the belief and trust the company and our 5 directors have shown in me for which I am truly thankful. I would like to think I am only half way through my journey here so I look forward to seeing what the second half will bring.

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