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Great Savings When Transferring Your Currency

Find out how Moneycorp can help you save money whether you’re emigrating or moving back home. We cover all currencies and all countries. Contact us and see how we can save you money TODAY!

If you are moving permanently overseas it is likely you will have a number of international payments to make along the way. Or if you have already moved overseas and need to send money back home, Moneycorp can help too.


If you have sent money overseas before, chances are you use your bank to make the transaction - a lot of people do. However, when it comes to the international transfers, there is a better way.


Being a money transfer specialist company, Moneycorp offer competitive exchange rates and provide a personalised service, helping you make the most of your money.


Use your bank or Moneycorp?

Banks are usually expensive to use for money transfers and will not offer competitive rates of exchange.  Moneycorp may be able to offer an exchange rate up to 4% better than your bank – this means you could save a lot of money.


In addition, the service you will receive can help you maximise the overseas money transfers you make – you will have an Account Manager who can provide information and guidance on exchange rates.  This is important as exchange rates fluctuate so getting the timing right of your currency transfers is crucial.


Regardless of the amount you are transferring abroad, there are savings to be made. Whether you are sending £200 or £10,000,000,00 to a different currency then using a company like Moneycorp can save you money.


Register for a Free Moneycorp account

It’s simple to register for a free account and the process only takes a few minutes – click here to register online with moneycorp.


Want to find out more?

Call moneycorp on 0207 828 7000 (remember to quote McGimpsey Removals) or make an enquiry here and Moneycorp will get back to you as soon as possible.


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