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Document Storage

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This service allows you to store anything from one file right through to your full document storage requirements

Document Storage  

This service has proved invaluable to many companies, councils, corporations, education boards, solicitors, architects and government departments who have realised the great value of this service in terms of improving the organisation and storage of their documents in a safe and confidential environment.

On top of all this there is also the added benefit of releasing premium, valuable office space for more important use or rental.


  • Releases Valuable Office Space
  • Provides fast, accurate retrieval and delivery as we are based in North Down
  • Saves Time and Money as the costs are minimal
  • Releases management and administrative personnel for other vital functions
  • Scalable – the entire document storage process can be started at any level and can expand as your business requirements change
  • Document Storage in many cases can form a major part of your Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Confidentially Is Paramount with regards to all the documentation and data that we store. In relation to this we also offer a confidential shredding service for documents that no longer need to be held in store. A certificate of destruction is provided for each batch of documents destroyed.
  • Simplicity - Its so simple to get started. Just contact a member of our Team and they can explain our costs, systems and procedures.
  • FREE QUOTE - We would be more than pleased to arrange for a representative from our company to call with you and provide a 'Free No Obligation' .


We do feel that for all organisations and businesses it is worth taking some time and considering the merits and financial savings in relation to Document Storage and the related services.

We also have general storage facilities and these units and containers are multi-use and also ensure confidentiality. They can be used for practically any form of storage – general storage, storage of printed materials, storage of surplus goods, products, advertising materials, stock, stationery, office furniture, computers. . .the list is endless!

Therefore, if you would like some further information on any of our services please just give us a call.

Also, if you would like someone to call out for a chat or to run a small presentation at a management meeting or internal meeting, in your organisation, we would be only too pleased to do this.

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