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Self Storage

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Stuff. It’s the bane of modern life. We all seem to have so much of it – cupboards full of it, shelves groaning beneath it, attics and garages crammed and cluttered with it. But when it’s time to fight back against stuff, we've got the answer: McGimpsey Self Storage.

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McGimpsey Self Storage offers a wide range of high-quality personal storage options in three separate categories: a warehouse plus self-storage containers, and a standalone self-storage facility.

In the warehouse, self-storage units are available in a range of sizes, all with time-out lighting. Access to these units is available during office hours and on Saturdays from 9am to noon. There is CCTV, free wifi and plentiful free parking – plus of course our friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff on hand.

Also in the warehouse, we offer self-store units with shelving – ideal for commercial or business archive materials that need to be safely retained, for example, by solicitors, insurers and accountants.  (We can also arrange confidential shredding on request.)

All the units in our external, purpose-built facility have lighting and are fully insulated, clean, dry and ideal for short term storage. Each has double doors for added security. If you choose this option, you will also enjoy 24-hour access to your unit.

Who uses McGimpsey Self Storage?

Lots of homeowners choose McGimpsey Self Storage to deal with decluttering, or perhaps when downsizing, between house moves or renovations. Many people also find it ideal for items such as garden furniture or Christmas decorations that are only really wanted for part of the year – and in the way the rest of the time.

In addition, small businesses, schools, sports clubs and so on value the great combination of convenience, security, and accessibility they get with McGimpsey Self Storage for storing surplus office furniture, equipment and materials.

How does it work? We make it easy for you

We have two good pieces of news for you when you contact us about storing your belongings. Firstly, yes, we can probably accommodate however much you’ve got to store. And secondly, in most cases, we can offer you immediate occupancy of your unit.

We provide free use of pallet trucks and trolleys for you when unloading your goods. (Our warehouse loading bays are covered too – reducing exposure of your consignment to the elements.) For very heavy items, we can arrange forklift hire plus additional shelving in your unit if required. We even offer an extensive range of packing materials if you need it.

You’ll get a dedicated move consultant to handle your account, plus competitive, easy payment terms, including direct debit. You’ll also get something no-one else can offer: our unrivalled reputation and expertise.

What you can store – and what you can’t

More good news. We say yes to almost everything, regardless of size and weight – except foodstuffs, perishable or flammable goods and, of course, anything illegal. So, if you’re looking for a safe home for anything from that old abacus to the xylophone you never really learned to play, look no further. McGimpsey Self Storage has got you covered. 

Find out more about McGimpsey Self Storage by completing the contact form below or call 02891 456222 today. 

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