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Top Ten Moving Tips From McGimpsey Removals

Moving home consists of packing and transporting often thousands of different objects, each of different value, shape and size, from one location to another...

Given the stress of selling, buying and renting homes, it’s no wonder many people often get little time to think about exactly what will or will not be moved to their new home.

It is for this specific reason we have produced these Top Ten Moving Tips to help you prepare and plan for the smooth and efficient move to your new home.


1. Service Required

When you arrange for us to help you move, we understand how much planning is required in moving, if packing is required, the time it will take us and how far we need to travel. We will arrange the appropriate vehicles, number of men required and packing materials to meet your requirements. Also, if you have something unusual to take with you, please make us aware of this. We will make special arrangements for plants, fine art, antiques, wine collections, IT equipment, or anything else which you are particularly concerned about.

2. Packing

Packing can be the most time consuming and frustrating part of any move. Many people often leave it to the last minute only to find they don’t have enough time or don’t have enough boxes to do the job properly.

According to your wishes, we can do all, part or none of the packing or, alternatively, we can supply you with all the packing materials you need (subject to our company’s materials price list).

If you have agreed for us to do the packing, the quotation will include the supply of labour and packing materials and therefore all you need to do is relax and let us get on with it.

If you had intended to do all the packing but, for whatever reason, have run out of time, then you will often find that we will still be able to assist. However, it is essential you should give us reasonable warning (at least a phone call a few days beforehand) so that when our vehicle arrives at your home, it will have the necessary crew and packing materials required for the extra work. Any additional work will, in most cases, incur an additional charge.

Remember, clothes and other light, non-fragile, items may be left in the drawers, but heavier items such as books, files or tools should be removed and packed separately for moving.

3. Insurance

Even with the greatest care taken, no mover can guarantee that your personal and cherished belongings won’t get damaged in transit. This is why we have insurance which meets BAR standards.

Insurance is not only important, it is also good basic common sense.

4. The Date

Arrange the date as far ahead as possible, but don’t just guess it. Keep us informed if you think we might need to react at short notice. Please be aware that Fridays and month-ends book up extremely quickly, therefore, should your move date fall into these categories please try and book as far ahead as possible.

5. Mains Services

We are not allowed to tamper with any mains services. Please make arrangements with your gas and electrical companies well in advance. Also, inform your telephone company and Internet Service Provider and, if required, make arrangements to keep your old numbers. You should remove light fittings before the moving day as we are neither qualified or permitted to do so.

6. Carpets and Curtains

We can take down curtains and lift carpets by special arrangement (you must inform us in advance if these services are required), but obviously we cannot refit them again in your new home. Carpets must be un-tacked around the edges prior to lifting.

7. Deep Freezers

It is advisable to run down stocks as much as possible - freezers are not designed to be moved whilst loaded. For long distance moves they will need to be completely defrosted and emptied and for short trips the contents may be temporarily removed, packed in boxes and reloaded at the new home. Please note, neither McGimpseys nor insurers will accept responsibility for any deterioration of the contents.

8. System Furniture

This type of furniture is not designed to be moved in its assembled form and you should discuss this with us, prior to your move. Generally speaking, we would not expect to reassemble such furniture although we may, under certain circumstances, be prepared to quote separately for such work.

9. Apartments / Multi storey buildings

Please inform us if you are moving to a flat, apartment or a multi-storey building and whether or not there is a lift (and how big it is!). Where possible we recommend that you make arrangements for priority use of the lift for the day of the move.

10. Parking and Access

Also, please tell us if there are parking restrictions at either location and, also, inform us if we are likely to face difficulties getting access to your new home. These might include narrow streets, overhanging trees, unmade roads, small doorways, spiral staircases, etc.

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